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Sat Sep 7 22:47:45 EDT 2002

At 03:16 PM 9/7/2002 , David Kavanagh wrote:
>So, I need the correct part number for the crank case breather hose.
>ETKA shows the 10 V part (I didn't look closely enough and thought it
>could be right for the 20v). Local dealer gives me the same part #, so
>I'm feeling good and call Didi, get it for $30. (20 less than local).
>Come to find out, the part in my car goes all the way behind the engine
>and contains a tee! Of course, the old one falls apart as I'm trying to
>take it out. I have a bunch of parts from Home Depot I'm going to coble
>together (along with a foil/fiberglass sandwitch heatsheild) to get the
>car running for a few days until I get the correct part.
>Anyone know the correct part of this beast! Cost?

034-103-221 AF
Just got mine from Blau for about $80 or so...dealers typically sell it for
$85 > $95.
As you note, the old one gets real soft and falls apart at the block end.
The "T" you note in the hose is your challenge...there's a lip in the
rubger hose holding the plastic coupler ("bleeder valve" in ETKA) so avoid
it by unclamping the bleeder valve at the next clamp up, which goes into
another hose.  Finally, don't forget the scrubber piece inside the
hose--copper spiral brush--on the skinny end of the old hose.  Reuse this,
as a new one doesn't come with the new hose (it may be the "flame deflector
plate" in ETKA, but I can't be certain--only extra piece there).  HTH


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