Help with the Mass Airflow sensor, new (used) sensor shows dentical results

alan cordeiro alancordeiro at
Sun Sep 8 17:15:11 EDT 2002

Thanks (a very big thanks) to Ingo Rautenberg, the mystery has been solved.
Ingo drove 45 minutes to my home and offered his 200q as a spare
parts swapping source.

I installed my MAF into Ingo's 200q and got the same incorrect voltages.
However Ingo's sensor had all the voltages expected by Bentley.

We took the final step, installed Ingo's MAF in my car, check engine light
away, and the car was back to normal. Hence the conclusion is that given a
MAF sensor, the car will be fixed. Took the car for a drive, cleaned up some
of the residue left over from the "limp home".

Hence the MAF I got from Chris Semple was also bad, in the identical way
that mine was, (no output signals across pins one and three).

That's quite a relief to know for sure (as sure as anyone can be with an
what the problem is, now all I need is the correct part, and all will be
again....(just like three days ago) ...

Thanks again Ingo,

Alan Cordeiro

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> OK guys, I am really puzzled now, I got in a used sensor from Chris Semple
> and installed it into the lame 200q. No change, same behaviour as before.
> I slowly went over ALL the diagnostic step by step. even disconnected the
> Motronic and checked continuity of every wire between the sensor and
> Motronic..... all checks out.
> With the ignition ON there should be 1.2 to 1.5 volts across pins one and
> three
> of the sensor, I see only 0.01 volts. When the engine idles, it should be
> around 2.5 volts, I still see 0.01 volts. Reving it up should produce 3 to
> volts,
> no change,
> Bentley insists I should change the MAF sensor,..... but i just did!!
> Either the second sensor is bad too, or the Motronic is bad,
> Any ideas???? anyone close to me in Ann Arbor who would like to
> volunteer a "running" MAF off their 3B or even urS4 to help me verify?
> Thanks,
> Alan Cordeiro
> (734)-973-0790  or (734) 262-0979 cell, if you want to call
> > I dumped the codes, the first was the one for the MAF sensor.
> >
> > I managed to "limp home" 35 miles on the freeway, and at home I checked
> out the sensor
> > using the rules from Bentley.  I have good voltage across pins one and
> five, but nothing
> > acorss pins one and three. (I do have 0.65 volts between one and four).
> >
> > Does anyone have a good source for a new/used mass airflow sensor????
> >
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