Help with the Mass Airflow sensor, new (used) sensor shows dentical results

Ingo Rautenberg irautenberg at
Sun Sep 8 18:33:25 EDT 2002


Glad I could help (plus it kept me from going to the office in this 95º
heat).  It's always nice to help a lister in need.

I Got to meet his gracious wife and kids and dog Apollo and his nephew? the

Added benefit:  Alan's marriage should be less strained now that his 200q20v
isn't going to be taking him away from other chores ;-) .  Seriously, it
only took a few minutes to check and compare all three MAF's -- who would
have guessed the 'replacement MAF' was also bad --probabilities and
actuarial likelyhoods notwithstanding.

But better than having to hunt down an ECU!

Just think what it will do once it develops full boost!


PS:  Besides, I couldn't let Alan drive the 'spare' 626 with leakey exhaust
manifold, could I?

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