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Subject: heater control valve

Hello  all,
A few months ago the heater valve failed while my wife and daughter had the=
 car on a road trip. A mobile mechanic temporarily fixed the problem by put=
ting a pipe in place of the valve. Now, several months  later, I'm finally =
getting around to installing a new valve. I'm not sure what the correct ori=
entation is, having not been there to remove the old one.There is an arrow =
on the tube showing direction of flow (I'm assuming) from the half where th=
e vacuum servo is, toward the half that houses the sensor. I'm also assumin=
g that the coolant flows from the engine through the heater valve and then =
to the heater core. I want to be sure before I start on this , so any help =
on this matter would be appreciated.

Whit Stubbs
Lakewood , CO

' 91 200q 20V
' 86 4000q
' 90 Vanagon Carat


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