MPG readings gone awry

jim catterson termite at
Mon Sep 9 05:53:01 EDT 2002

oh list savants: i am new to this car but i have replaced the following
parts that the p.o. had neglected [after troubleshooting tips from
scott's site],  o2 sensor, mfts, afterrun fan sensor, thermostat, most
of the vacuum lines, the big breather hose, cap, rotor, and plugs [yes,
 the correct ones].  the car has 57k original miles on it and has not
been chipped, yet.  it runs great and makes an indicated 1.7 bar. the
problem that i can't figure out is that the dash display is wrong on
almost every option.  it shows between 7 and 11 mpg,  distance to empty
of 100 after a fill up and an average speed of 8 mph [!].  where do i

jim catterson
91 20v avant

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