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At 10:51 PM 9/9/2002 , JShadzi at aol.com wrote:
><<And I guess there is nothing to be
>gained by doing car control excersizes in your opinion?>>
>Well, speaking for myself, after some 20-30 track events I can't say I'd be
>terribly excited to drive 10 hours each way to do control excersizes, I'd
>really like some track time.

Ground school is Friday evening.  Mandatory for first-timers, strongly
encouraged for everyone else.  We usually get a good crowd for this.  Early
tech is also Friday evening.  We try to keep the exercise set to the
morning and early afternoon.  If we can do this again, one of the things
we've thrown in in the  past has been a full track-walk led by the chief
instructor of Cascade Sports Car Club (the club heavily responsible for the
existence of PIR in the first place).  It can take up to two hours, can be
hell if it's real November Pacific North Wet (tm) quattro weather, but is a
great knowledge builder.  Last year, Bob Sullivan, Paul Lambert's crew
chief and an SCCA licensed racer himself, followed along and commented
afterwards on the things he learned about the track.

FYI...last year, we sold out this event.  Local club members who remember
this and were turned away for lack of pre-registration have already
jump-started this--with two months to go before the event, I have received
registrations for over 25% of the available spot--we expect this event to
sell out again, this time in advance with pre-registrations.  Here's a link
to the event registration
form:  http://www.nwquattroclub.org/calendar/portland/Portland_eventform.htm

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