European headlight side trim and freon replacement suggestions.

Brian Link brianl at
Tue Sep 10 09:45:10 EDT 2002

I remember someone posting not to long ago about where to get the corner
reflectors for the e-spec head lights? I need a driver side piece.  Does
anyone know a good source.   Blau doesn't stock them yet but they are
trying, Puma performance does but are out of the drivers side...

Also has anyone tried a R-12 replacement other than 134a?  My horn bracket
ended up piercing my low pressure hose.  I will repair the hose, but I
don't know what to refill with.  My top two choices are R-12 at $22 -
$30/pound or a hydrocarbon based refrigerant at $8/ pound.  The hydrocarbon
based product is compatible with R-12 oil so seals should not be a problem.
 Any opinions?


Brian link
Boulder, Co

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