ac retrofit/ clear side markers

Joshua C smuckycat at
Tue Sep 10 19:00:49 EDT 2002   this site lists clear
corner markers...good luck with them, I have never ordered from this company
but they seem to have good prices on euro goodies.

As far as the AC goes, I had mine compleatly empty, must have been a leak.
Autozone carries the R-12 to 134 kit for under 30$ I think.  You just need
to change the fitting on the compressor (it just threads over the existing
one) and the HP line behind the headlights ( I think it is for the recycling
function but I am not sure.  Then get your self the Fill hose that screws on
to the can and plug it into the compressor.  Start the car.  First you need
to fill the ac with oil, you hold the can inverted I belive (it will
indicate on the can) you will hear the compressor start intermitently
clicking on and off, I just filled it a bit past the level where it started
running continusiouly.  Now you must add refrigerant gas (can right side up
I belive but check).  I added gas a bit at a time and let the car and A/C
run until I was happy with the cooling effect.  I understand that you must
fill to 85% of the freon level b/c it expands more than R-12 and will
degrade the cooling capacity if 85% is exceeded.  I kind of added up the
cans and followed the directions, nothing scientific or measured but I was
happy with the results.  I changed none of the seals, reciver etc.. and have
had excellent steady results for almost 2 months in 90 deg heat.
good luck, maybe someone else can be more helpful.. the kits have directions
( although confusing), I think they (Mfgr) even mislabled the fittings in
the directions but a little common sense helped me figure it out.  if you
have any ?  write back.  (I got the stuff with "leak filler" in it to
hopefully solve any small leaks)  Blau sells the Kit too but when I went to
autozone I saw the same kit for much less.


Joshua Cummings

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