low voltage

ELLIEOLSEN at aol.com ELLIEOLSEN at aol.com
Wed Sep 11 21:55:21 EDT 2002

Hi Gang,

Here is an update on my earlier low voltage problem:

1) Replaced alternator

2) Replaced Battery

But I still don't have proper voltage. My mechanic tells me that there could
be an issue with something in the instrument cluster? a loose connection in a
board which somehow determines the needed out put from the alternator? Does
any of this ring a bell with anyone on the list?
The problem arises under load, and is almost non existent when the ac is not
running but once the ac is on it just drains the voltage to the point of
about 8 to 9 volt is all it is generating.

Any BTDT info will be helpful.

Shawn Olsen
Clarkston, MI
95 S6 MTM..Low voltage
91 200q20v avant Hi octane
96 A4 2.8q..... wife's

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