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Thu Sep 12 07:31:29 EDT 2002

Some of you have heard me talk about what a handy tool the
"Sidewinder" is.

Harbor Freight has it on sale:


My "Sidewinder" is "branded" by "Popular Mechanics" and boy is it ever
a piece of junk as far as the quality of the tool -appears- to be.
HOWEVER, it's been damn handy many times, has never let me down, and
came with a lifetime guarantee.  Who's lifetime, I'm not sure, but its
a nice addition to almost anyone's toolbox.  When you can't swing a regular
socket and don't need gobs of torque it's great.  Or, if you get something
loose with a short ratchet swing and just need to loosen up the rest of
a nut or bolt quickly it's the best.  Working under the NA 20v hood it
does wonders for the job of thermostat and radiator removal for instance.

Royal aka 20RoT

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