mpg display problems solved

jim catterson termite at
Thu Sep 12 12:32:00 EDT 2002

thanks to some good detective work by several listers,  i have solved
the errant dash display and will pass this on for the
collective...erroneous mpg, avg. speed, and trip figures combined w/
bouncing speedo disease when ambient temp was below 70 degrees F.  took
the instrament cluster out of the car and stripped it per scott
mockrey's website and

examined the much criticized speedo to circuit board connections.  i
didn't notice any bad solder joints but there was some blackish
corrosion on the four pins on the speedo side.  cleaned them up w/ 600
grit sandpaper and carefully resweat the solder joints at the socket
side if the connection,  sprayed the sockets w/ contact cleaner, and
then put it all back together.  i also took the opportunity to use
meguire's plastic polish to clean the whole shebang.  reinstalled in
car,  said several mad incantations to the spirits of ingolstadt and
took it for a spin.  voila! problem resolved.  cruise control is still
a dnf but that is a project for another day....HTH

jim catterson

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