Another radiator issue...

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Either suck it up and buy a plastic-tanked unit now, or take the car
off the road. You will be VERY unhappy if you overheat the engine and
need a new head/block/both.

Don't mess around with an overheating engine- I know enough people
personally who have had wives/friends/themselves/etc. think "oh, I can
make it a couple more miles" with the car overheating and due to this
stupidity, have cost themselves a multi-thousand dollar repair bill.


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Headed out to a local radiator shop that claimed to have an OEM radiator
for the 20V (on hand) and had checked with Modine and could supply one
of theirs for $200 in 2 days.  Neither turned out to be true.  Modine
(Denver) not only doesn't list them any longer, they wouldn't even make
me one,  "Sorry, NLA from us."

So the local Audi dealer quoted me $343.49 for an OEM plastic job. I
could swear someone found the plastic ended Modines recently?  Choices

1.  rebuild current old unit
2.  replace with an Audi OEM
3.  wait for TPC's container to arrive from Denmark

Although the leak is small (so far), it doesn't seem too smart to drive
this beast very far from home.  Gets expensive pouring water/antifreeze
mix in too, now that its freezing at 8,000 feet!

Any ideas and/or info appreciated...

Craig in Colorado

PS The car overheated and started leaking after a mechanic left off the
plastic cover that goes over the radiator/AC tanks.  Any guesses as to
this causing the overheat or was it just its time (147k, all Colorado
cold country miles)? _______________________________________________
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