Another radiator issue...

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Sat Sep 14 02:15:00 EDT 2002

I paid $222.00 from Rod at TPC.  The Modine one WILL work if you take it to
a shop and have them put the correct nipples on it.  I paid $119.00 at a
local parts house for the modine one.  A Rad shop would charge me $75 to put
the nipples on.  I did not do it as they were one week out on attaching the
nipples.  I could not wait.


Shayne P.

Oakland, CA.

Enough Audis to give plenty of headaches.

Parting:  1972 Mercedes Benz 280 SE 4.5

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> Craig-
> Either suck it up and buy a plastic-tanked unit now, or take the car
> off the road. You will be VERY unhappy if you overheat the engine and
> need a new head/block/both.
> Don't mess around with an overheating engine- I know enough people
> personally who have had wives/friends/themselves/etc. think "oh, I can
> make it a couple more miles" with the car overheating and due to this
> stupidity, have cost themselves a multi-thousand dollar repair bill.
> Taka
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> List,
> Headed out to a local radiator shop that claimed to have an OEM radiator
> for the 20V (on hand) and had checked with Modine and could supply one
> of theirs for $200 in 2 days.  Neither turned out to be true.  Modine
> (Denver) not only doesn't list them any longer, they wouldn't even make
> me one,  "Sorry, NLA from us."
> So the local Audi dealer quoted me $343.49 for an OEM plastic job. I
> could swear someone found the plastic ended Modines recently?  Choices
> now:
> 1.  rebuild current old unit
> 2.  replace with an Audi OEM
> 3.  wait for TPC's container to arrive from Denmark
> Although the leak is small (so far), it doesn't seem too smart to drive
> this beast very far from home.  Gets expensive pouring water/antifreeze
> mix in too, now that its freezing at 8,000 feet!
> Any ideas and/or info appreciated...
> Craig in Colorado
> PS The car overheated and started leaking after a mechanic left off the
> plastic cover that goes over the radiator/AC tanks.  Any guesses as to
> this causing the overheat or was it just its time (147k, all Colorado
> cold country miles)? _______________________________________________
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