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At 6:58 AM -0600 9/14/02, W Stubbs wrote:
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>Hello all,
>I've searched the archives and the Bentley and haven't found
>anything in regards to the heater valve orientation. I realize this
>is a relatively simple repair, but I just want to be sure that I
>install it correctly. Again, any advice on this is appreciated.
>Whit Stubbs
>Lakewood, CO

Have you looked in the Family Album--the parts diagram should
indicate the orientation.  I doubt that it makes a big
difference--assuming _all_ connections can be made (vacuum hose and
electrical connector must be able to reach.) It's possible that the
heater valve will seal best when coolant flows in the "correct"
direction, but I can't imagine that would be a huge issue (well, I
guess you wouldn't want your A/C to be fighting a trickle through the
heat-exchanger all summer). The other possible "issue" is that the
temp sensor will be on either the heater side or the engine side (of
the valve). I suspect it's supposed to be on the engine side, but
I've never understood  exactly how that sensor is used anyway.

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