time to de-list bad vendors

AUDIJIM at aol.com AUDIJIM at aol.com
Sat Sep 14 13:45:36 EDT 2002

I'll have to agree with you for the most part with Blau and the Parts Bin.
Although I would direct some of my Audi customers to Blau for there "parts
packages" for example an AAH timing belt and water pump replacement package.
The price was right as far as compared to dealer prices and the parts were
always delivered to my correct address. When they sent the wrong parts, I had
local sources for there replacement. The entire reason for sending some
people to Blau was take the parts ordering and purchasing out of my hands to
some extent because my "side job" as an Audi tech for a large number of the
local Quattro club region was getting out of hand.

Another shop/parts place that has given me repeated high blood pressure is 2
Bennett. 2B has sent me wrong parts and even used parts sold as new. For
example, I ordered a new pressure hose from the IC to the throttle. I opened
the box and the new hose has oil in it as if it came off an engine. I called
2B on this and they said "Sorry about that, we pulled one off the shelf and
tested and engine with it" and then when on to say that it "should" last
another 10 years like the original factory one did. Another time 2B sent me a
chunk of firewall that I was going to repair my cracked firewall on my 4000
cs Quattro. The chunk they sent me was also cracked in the same place and
nobody saw this!? Again, they sang me a song and dance about them having a
new guy at the shop who might not of know what to look at. I made them pay
for the shipping back to them and they wouldn't refund my money, the gave me
store credit.

I'm off my rant now.


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