time to de-list bad vendors?

Steve Crosbie scrosbie at integraonline.com
Sat Sep 14 14:01:08 EDT 2002

Eric_R_Kissell at email.whirlpool.com wrote:

>I know nothing of Zygmunt, but I completely disagree with putting Blau on
>some blacklist.
>I have had many, many good experiences buying stock maintenance parts with
>Blau and no bad experiences.  ....
I agree ... even a good experience with a return (window regulator) and
a quick refund.

>So, I vote 'NO' to blacklisting Blau.
>This being said, Blau is not my favorite parts supplier either.
They're not always the cheapest, but Blau is also one of a very short
list of suppliers in the upper midwest - saves shipping times and charges.


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