time to de-list bad vendors

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Sat Sep 14 17:05:08 EDT 2002

I gotta laugh at this thread all together, frankly.  And it make me most
happy that I *never* had any interest in being on any "vendor" list, a-f
badged or debadged.  Jeez you guys, is the quattro list really where these
parts guys get the majority of their business?  Anyone can type in <audi
quattro parts> on a routine google and get the 4 mentioned so far.

Right now the oxymoron really is in the cutthroat world of bag and tag.  The
REASON you get s**t service is because there is no money to pay for GOOD
service.  You, as the B&T buyer have already aced your dealer, aced your
mechanic out of his overhead, get insulted about "high" wholesale prices,
*and* you expect great service?  I'm chuckling at the business 101 thought of
it.  Not to mention the immediate expectation that your mechanic will install
this for you at his normal shop rate.

As an independent audi mechanic, I'm continually struggling to understand how
some of these B&T places get their prices so low.  Then I read the "de-list"
thread, and completely understand.  I'm also one of many shops that is very
close to not accepting B&T parts for install.  Why?  Well, because when the
part is wrong, my bay is tied up with your car, I'm expected to get the right
part immediately, or get blamed for not knowing it was the wrong part.  Since
I didn't take any responsibility for the order, I  punt that right back, and
make it completely clear that the wrong/defective part comes out, I get paid
to do it twice.  Right now, I look at this thread and think what I always
have: There is no value in price.  There are many places that have listened
to the "demand" for better price.  As you did that, something has to give.
Don't shoot yourself in the foot here.  IMO/E, you got/get exactly what you
pay for.  From what I read in all this:  Be careful what you ask for, you
just may get it.

My advice:  Get a good mechanic that treats you fairly, in parts and labor.
In the end, the VALUE is in that relationship, not the "outrageous" markup on
any specific part.

My .02 from a differing perspective.

Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning

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