Another radiator issue...

Sat Sep 14 19:12:20 EDT 2002

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The plastic shrouds are for ducting the air when the car is moving, they do
absolutely jack nada when the car isn't moving.  Not putting the shrouds on
could cause your rad fan to run in a higher mode or more often, but wasn't
the cause of radiator failure.  If this is your first radiator, it's overdue,
not just.  Radiators fail.  The 200tq radiator is expensive.  If your track
record repeats itself, you will be here again in 11 years or 300,000 miles.
At full boat 350/11 = 32bux a year.  For the difference in per year price,
shop your premium gas prices....


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PS The car overheated and started leaking after a mechanic left off the
plastic cover that goes over the radiator/AC tanks.  Any guesses as to this
causing the overheat or was it just its time (147k, all Colorado cold country

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