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>But what about those of us installing parts on our own?

What about you?  What's the difference?  When the general public gets
wholesale prices (sometimes better'n shops), that comes with a tradeoff.  In
the Bag and Tag arena, that can be only two areas:  Quality (chinese parts)
or Service (voice mail).  Snicking a guy for either is what I'm referring to.
 It's what you bought.  Most folks don't know the chinese parts from oem, or
that there is a difference.

>Most of the complaints I've read have had more to do with the service
>factor  than the price, although there's little sense in paying MORE for
>something from someone who's going to stick you with poor service too.

Chickens before eggs.  These aren't independent items.  You guys aren't at
all speadking of service or price at all.  Speaking of value includes service
for a price.  Without one, you don't get the value, you only get what you pay
for.  50 off list is a price, that's not service nor value.

>The original postings regarding this thread were about an outfit that sent
>the incorrect parts and failed to make a refund when those parts were

True.  That changed as the thread pro(re)gressed.  I personally see all B&T
as adversaries tolerated, but they haven't hit me directly, because all risk
of B&T goes to the buyer, none of it is assumed by me.

WRT Blau directly, I'd highly suggest a visit to Road America or several of
the other midwestern venues he attends.  Whatever my thoughts on B&T, I find
Jim to always be the guy to run all of the tech inspections at RA (and
usually a few other events), always bring a trailer full of parts, and
*always* willing to bend over backwards to make 130+ folks enjoy their
quattro experience trackside.  This would include sponsorship, parts and
beyond reasonable parts runs, and a host attitude that is as much of Road
America QC event as any other aspect.

I also give him and others (like Keith Anderson) more credit than I.  I used
to bring a trailer load of parts and do trackside service.  I just don't
anymore, it's a huge hassle with less than zero reward.

I make no excuses for another man's business practices.  Be selfish in your
*private* parts sources and dealings.  Hanging all this out to dry, really is
BS.  Even the BEST of the best, get parts orders wrong.  The value is in the
relationship you can build with a supplier.  This would include the addage
that he who yells the loudest gets heard.  No one that is buying from a B&T
really cares about the "other" guys parts order, only their own.  Think of
this when waving a black flag.

Bottom Line:  Pay more, expect more.  Pay less, expect less.  Expect service
and value with low volume/lowest price.  Get real.

My .02

Scott Justusson

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