time to de-list bad vendors

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Interesting post Mike.  My thinking is that a shop owner ordering thousands
in parts,  can expect service and price and expect both because of volume.
Business 101 would dictate that is logical, a narrow supplier margin is made
up for in high customer volume.  In the case of the individual parts buyer, a
narrow margin is not offset by customer volume.  It's offset by reducing
fixed costs, variable costs; translated:  Price at the expense of service or

Certainly I'd have no objection to a rating system similar to ebay feedback
forum, but that's not what was proposed in the original emails.   Regardless,
this B&T business is operating at bare minimum profit.  Start squeezing hard,
you will also get what you ask for, a guy can't compete he gets out, he gets
out, then the other guy doesn't need to compete, nor will he be able to
handle the business without something "giving".

What really needs to happen, is for these lists to court suppliers, not
alienate them.   We need more choices not less.  Value isn't price.   The
feedback forum concept is a good start.  De-badging seems a bit premature.
Buing power is an interesting tool, I only advocate using it wisely.

Scott Justusson

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These vendors read these threads and should take steps to resolve the
and the good vendors like Rod @ TPC should feel good for the praise he gets -
Rod is doing something right as compared to the others.

Maybe de-list the bad vendors, maybe put a comments column under their
company listing, but one thing is for sure, they will not change if we
listers don't
speak up!

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