time to de-list bad vendors

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Sun Sep 15 20:14:33 EDT 2002

I apologize for presuming, but that said, :-), there is a good
reason why parts can cost more than what you can find on the 'net-
time. Shops often have accounts with Worldpac or the other big
parts wholesaler (can't remember the name) and they can usually
get most parts same day or next day.

How many places that you mail order parts from can get you the
part you need the same day?

I tore a throttle body hose, asked my mechanic to get me one, I
had it by 1PM. You can't get that fast shipping from any of the
typical parts places- TPC, Blau, etc. Yes, it cost me $90. Yes,
that's expensive. I'm sure someone will say "hey, I can get that
same hose for $20," but when time is of the essence, getting the
part in a short time is more important than cost, to a point.

Go to the local Audi dealer, that hose will cost the same $90,
so it's not really a rip-off, depending on how you look at things.

As Scott said, when you're running a shop, you can't afford to have
a car stuck on your lift because GPR is out of stock on a hose you
need to finish that steering rack job, you need the hose that day.

Also, as Scott said, you gotta be careful who you buy parts from-
I'd rather pay a bit more and get a proper part made to OEM spec
than some imitation, second-rate Chinese "Audi" part. I would have
bought my control arms from the dealer had I known that the ones
I bought would start rusting 1 wk. after installation when ones
purchased from the dealer don't do that.


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