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Another thing to add to this discussion when one complains about the high prices charged by mechanics and then forwarded to the customers...

Have you ever wondered what your mechanic has to pay his parts supplier?

One of the greates driving forces behind a mechanic's business is time...and receiving the wrong part/poor quality part and then having to wait the for the replacement means that a customer has to wait.

My mechanic was hesitant to use some of the parts that I would supply...however, when I shared with him the prices that I was paying, especially for the commodity stuff ( Worldpac) he used the information to beat down his suppliers prices - which he was then able to pass on to me.

At 07:14 PM 9/15/2002 -0400, TM wrote:
>I apologize for presuming, but that said, :-), there is a good
>reason why parts can cost more than what you can find on the 'net-
>time. Shops often have accounts with Worldpac or the other big
>parts wholesaler (can't remember the name) and they can usually
>get most parts same day or next day.
>How many places that you mail order parts from can get you the
>part you need the same day?

Another thing to be concerned about is that some of the chines made parts are duplicating the oem mfrs markings and packaging...
Be suspicious of incredibly low prices...Let's face it that stuff made in Europe isn't going to be inexpensive - and just because a part may look the same as oem doesn't mean that its made of the supply quality materials.

>Also, as Scott said, you gotta be careful who you buy parts from-
>I'd rather pay a bit more and get a proper part made to OEM spec
>than some imitation, second-rate Chinese "Audi" part. I would have
>bought my control arms from the dealer had I known that the ones
>I bought would start rusting 1 wk. after installation when ones
>purchased from the dealer don't do that.


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