MFTS&Aux. water pump

BriceW at BriceW at
Mon Sep 16 15:43:26 EDT 2002

I got my VDO MFTS from Rod at TPC a few days ago.
Found that it took a 29 MM socket. I rented a 30 MM from Auto Zone for
free that will work, as I couldn't get a 29 MM.
Seem like they jump from 27 MM and then 30 MM is the next size.
So I went to remove the auxiliary water pump to get access to the MFTS.
And when I did I broke of the plastic inlet on it.
I called Rod this morning and said I have bad news about installing the
MFTS. Rod then told me that I needed a new auxiliary water pump without
me even telling him first.
He said that he has thought about issuing a warning with every MFTS he
sells as this happens all the time.
For $100.00 a new 034 965 561C is on its way from TPC. The new Bosch
part no. is G3050-13422 which supersedes the AA12V 0392 020 054 no. that
is on the old part.
I am also now replacing the upper radiator hose as when I moved it I
found a tear or rupture at the top of the ride side hose. It was torn
where the clamp fits around it. An Audi mechanic told me once that it is
common for people to overtighten hoses and cause problems later on. This
looks like the original hose on this 103,000 91 200 20V. TPC didn't
stock it and said it was dealer only. Blau had it in stock for $107.30.
The part no. is 447 121 101S.
I am also replacing the hose from the aux. water pump, 034 121 081 for
$11.99 from Blau.
So much for an easy MFTS replacement.

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