Even more radiator ruminations...

Craig Angus crangus at rof.net
Mon Sep 16 17:37:40 EDT 2002


I've spent way too much time on this radiator deal but I might have
finally come up with something.  Here are the specs on an all metal,
two-row radiator I found for the 20Vtq:

Core size:  		24-3/16x12-1/8x1-5/16
Inlet header:		12-3/16x1-9/16
Outlet header:	12-3/16x1-9/16
Inlet connection:	TOP 1-1/4 on passenger's side
Outlet connection:	BOTTOM 1-1/4 on passenger's side
Trans cooler:		None
Materials:		All copper and brass (NO PLASTIC)
Manufacturer:        CSF (?) Make a lot of rads for Chrysler, apparently

The verbal description sounds like it has the extra outlet for the aux.
radiator that has a plug in case its a 10V setup (sounds clever).  I'm
getting a drawing of this unit e-mailed to me and I'll forward it on to the
list.  I hope this one will work because I've worked out a deal for
free shipping and a price under $150 if all is correct.  Does this look
correct to knowing eyes?  Any problem with using copper/brass instead
of OEM aluminum/plastic?

Another interesting thing I found out--all the Nissen radiators for the
10V motors now have plastic tanks just like the OEM.  Also, the 10V product
number for Modine (also plastic) that is NLA is #36510.  Does anyone know
what the 3-row all metal product # was??

Craig in Colorado

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