boost flutter?

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Mon Sep 16 20:43:20 EDT 2002

I posted (in your thread) about a boost-gauge flutter a few months
ago, but no one except Claus W. indicated they had ever seen that
happen. Scott Mockry does not think that the flutter would be caused
by the wgfv/wastegate action (my theory), but I'm still not
convinced. My boost flutters only when rpm gets in the 3-3.5K range,
and it disappears (becomes rock steady at about 18 psi) when the rpm
is anywhere above 4 grand. This is also a Lehmann chip. No problem
with any boost "pausing" or hesitation. I've never touched the WG


At 4:41 PM -0400 9/16/02, Dan Simoes wrote:
>With my lehmann stage 1, I am seeing two symptoms on my analog VDO boost
>- boost builds and peaks at 15psi, pauses, then later pushes up to
>- occasionally I am seeing a "flutter" of the needle at the top end, as
>it goes between 18-20.
>The flutter was cured by tweaking the wastegate as I recall?
>I did that (5-6 turns) some time ago but undid it trying to fix #1, of
>course I don't know how many turns I am at now.  Should I replace the
>wastegate cap and start fresh or just turn it counterclockwise as far as
>it will go to get back to "zero"?
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