[s-cars] RE: time to de-list bad vendors?

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Yes, as my email said, I would shop with him again. I may not have
been clear, however when I said I followed up with a phone call AFTER
the emails weren't answered. Pete acknowledged he got them
and "Didn't get around to answering them yet." He was somewhat rude,
said he's very busy and he'll call me back for the order. He never
replied, but I would give him the benefit of the doubt that he had a
bad day and that wasn't his usual way. I did have good experiences
prior to that and he's good to give tech advice.
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My only two comments on this thread:
1) I think it's a bad idea but a rating system like ebay would be
IF people post every time they buy stuff and not only when things are

2) Regarding ZZ motors below:
TM wrote:
> Although ZZ Motors has gotten good feedback from a few people, Pete
> never emailed me back about some parts I wanted to buy from him.

Email gets lost, misplaced, bounced.  Sometimes people even forget
things :)

Pete is a good guy and if you give him the benefit of the doubt I
you will find it's well worth the effort.

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