200q20v Avant For Sale

Tom Forhan fourwdvw at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 17 13:33:56 EDT 2002

With real regrets, I have decided to sell. The
audifans lists have been the central contact point
supporting two Audi Avants since 1994.

There is a photo and basic information at
autotrader.com, search for a 1991 Audi in zip 20912 (
maryland near Washington DC).

I've had this car for almost three years, it is
panther black with grey interior( no sport seats). I'd
rate the exterior/interior as 7.5 on a 10 scale, in
otherwords what you might expect for its 142000 miles.

It was chipped when I bought it, and has UFOs.
Original BBS 7.5x15 wheels with good Dunlop D60A2

Ive done a lot of work: replaced the timing belt,
water pump, all the other belts, new plugs, wires,
dist cap and rotor( the right one), new rear brake
pads, new Bilstien HDs all around, with the new platic
parts as well, new tie rods, control arms, and
stabilizer bushings, new heater core, front door lock
fix on both sides, and a Nakamichi CD player. I'll
throw in my slightly three volumes of the Bentley.

It needs attention to detail, especially the various
lights in and around the dash. The speedo sometimes
bounces. UFOs shudder when erally pushed. The fixes
for all these things are readily available, I just
don't have the time any more, and after the last
project -rebuilding the front end- my family drew a
line in the sand.

I'm offering it at $7800 - a fair price. If you are
interested, please contact me. If not, please pass
this on - I'd really like to see this great car go to
someone who appreciates it.

Please contact me if you need anything else. Home
phone is (301) 270 8073.

Tom F.


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