boost flutter?

Djdawson2 at Djdawson2 at
Tue Sep 17 17:58:57 EDT 2002

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When you say "turning up the wick", do you mean additional tension applied to
the WG spring?  Are you using the stock spring?  How much do you turn this
"wick" up?  I'm using a RS2 hybrid turbo unit I got from Ned, and using what
is supposed to be a "Stage 3+" chip set.  My understanding is that this chip
maintains maximum boost levels higher in the rpm range as opposed to those
chips that back boost off above 4k.  On extended rpm runs, I still see a
steady decrease in max boost as the rpm climbs.  I'm wondering if I can still
see some significant performance improvements if I can somehow keep the boost
from backing off, or maybe even run a higher peak boost level.  With the
larger turbo and the RS2 EM that I'm using, I don't think I'd be at risk of
grenading... but would be interested in hearing about some BTDT before
looking for such improvements.
  After seeing that ur S4 on ebay with a nearly 400hp dyno chart, and knowing
that I'm probably 100+ short of that figure, I'm wondering where the majority
of the power comes from...  ECU, injectors, cam, fuel pressure, airflow
sensor???  Where's the best place to go for the next level of improvement?

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