Timing Belt Q

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 17 20:07:16 EDT 2002

Only thing I can add, without much specifics is I thought I remembered there
being a difference between the 10v turbo and 20v turbos, and/or that there
was a change in the belt on the 10v turbo along side an engine update (ie
MC-1 to MC-2).  In this update I thought I remembered the timing belt tooth
profile changing.

Derek P

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Derek et al,

No, I didn't buy the TB from Blau, but I believe I figured out the
discrepancy using some of my intuitive skills (forget I have any sometimes).

The PN 054 109 119 A according to the Family Album is for NA 20v 7A motor
and the 054 109 119 G is for the 20v 3B motor and both have the same Note:
147z., whereas the UrS4/S6  054 109 119 H has the note designation: 151z.

As to the other 5-cyl timing belts 034 109 119 (120z) and later ones use a
074 109 119 (not sure what the difference is between these two.  Confused
yet? ;-)  Don't be.  I believe (someone correct me) that the "z" refers to
Zahn, German for tooth.  Therefore, 147 tooth belt for the 7A and 3B motors,
120 tooth for the regular turbo motors '84+ Urq and '84+5 cyl turbo and
non-turbo 5 cyl motors, and 151 tooth for the AAN S4 motor.

All of these are for US spec cars, natch, as I don't know about all the Euro
motor designations.  Make sense?

Then how about this:  For the earlier audi turbo cars (apparently including
by UrQ), the designation is 035 109 119 (113z), or 113 tooth belt.  Anyone
know why? The Cam gear and crank gear are the same -- idler pulley?

Disclaimer:  I have theorized these and do not purport them as gospel -- use
prudence when ordering and installing your timing belt, but please check
your belt before installing it.


'91 200q20v...Slightly modified
'83 Urquattro
('90 v8q RIP)

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