Hose under aux water pump???

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That would be a crankcase breather hose. See Scott Mockry's most excellent
site for more info.


The Bentley may show this as a regular size hose. At least the dealers fiche
does not show the relative size difference between that and the other hoses.
This failure is common with this hose.

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There is a big hose directly under the small coolant hose from the aux.
water pump. I just discovered that this hose is totally rotted with a very
big hole in it. I have looked all through the Bentley and cant find this big
hose anywhere. The rotted end connects right under the aux. water pump small
hose at base of he engine. I cant tell where the other end goes yet. Where
in the Bentley is this hose? What is this hose? Doing a simple MFTS replace
has uncovered a host of problems. First the broken brittle neck  on the aux.
water pump, then the tear in the upper radiator hose and now this. Whatever
this hose is it looks like it has been rotted through for a long time.

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