91 200 20v Avant Rear Bushing

Joshua C smuckycat at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 18 12:49:32 EDT 2002

I am in the process of having my suspension system rebuilt, shocks bushings
ball joints etc... anyways I got some rear inner bushings (rear control arm)
and once my tech pushed out the old ones he told me the new ones were too
narrow.  He contacted Blau with all the details and looking at all the info
they had available the bushings should have fit.  The conclusion was reached
that my Wagon had 92 S4 rear control arms.... Just out of curiosity, did the
wagon come this way or did the PO perform this swap?  Anyone have any
experience with this issue/nonissue?
And while we are on the topic of black listing vendors, I can only say that
despite higher prices Blau has been very good for me on this, they called me
expalind the problem and fedexed overnight(their cost!!) the necessary
bushings to my tech despite the fact that it could have been the PO who made
the difference.  I always try to shop around but they seem to have a lot of
parts the other guys claim is " dealer only" or on back order.  (but their
voice mail maze is worse than cleaning your tounge with sandpaper).

Joshua Cummings
Falmouth MA/Keene NH
91 200 20v Avant
73 Alfa Romeo GTV

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