Hose under aux water pump???

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Sep 18 19:44:23 EDT 2002

At 12:57 AM -0500 9/18/02, BriceW at webtv.net wrote:
>There is a big hose directly under the small coolant hose from the aux.
>water pump. I just discovered that this hose is totally rotted with a
>very big hole in it.
>I have looked all through the Bentley and cant find this big hose
>The rotted end connects right under the aux. water pump small hose at
>base of he engine. I cant tell where the other end goes yet.

It heads straight back and up to the 90 degree valve passenger side
top back of the engine; half way along the hose is a connection to
the evap system.  Inside the hose on the passenger side is a
flameback arrestor(copper coil.)

The hose is well under $100.  Replacement is a little tricky.

>What is this hose?

Crankcase breather.  Blowby from the gap in the piston rings
necessitates a way to relieve the pressure; the system recirculates
the crankcase gasses via a connection right before the turbo inlet.

>Doing a simple MFTS replace has uncovered a host of problems. First the
>broken brittle neck  on the aux. water pump, then the tear in the upper
>radiator hose and now this.

Things often turn out that way. Best recommendation is to go through
the engine compartment every month or two and look for things that
are leaking/out of place etc.

>Whatever this hose is it looks like it has been rotted through for a
>long time.

If the hose has collapsed, check the condition of the distributor
cap+rotor.  Could have an oil coating(the distributor seal isn't very
strong and if the breather system clogs up, the distributor sees a
lot of oil vapor.)

One caution- the distributor cap is a PITA to get back on because of
the top clip.  Note with a flashlight, right around the bend in the
IM, how the top clip goes on.  Best method I've found is using
needle-nose vise grips to latch on to the tip of the top clip and
pull it into place.

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