MFTS done!

BriceW at BriceW at
Thu Sep 19 04:01:15 EDT 2002

I finally got everything done tonight.
Put a new VDO 4 pin MFTS in, new aux. water pump, new 87° thermostat,
new upper and lower radiator hoses, new expansion tank hose(already had
a new expansion tank), new little hose under the thermostat and new
little hose from the aux. water pump. Plus all new clamps and taking
care not to overtighten any clamps even on the metal necks as not to cut
into the rubber hose.
I had never changed a thermostat on a 20V before. It is a devil to get
to, being right under the power steering pump.
The radiator repair insert came out when I pulled the old upper hose. So
this time I filed down the neck all the way till it was flush with the
radiator as the neck was crumbling more. Upon filing it down all the way
found a solid base that was reinforced around the hole. I sanded to make
the surfaces rough on the insert and put on a lot more of the epoxy than
I did the first time.  I used the same epoxy that was called out in the
Audi service bulletin on the radiator neck repair. I questioned this
epoxy and wondered about using something else this time, even good old
JB Weld. Please, Rod get the Nissens 60437 in soon! He says maybe by the
end of the year or early next year. Blau is not trying get it in, I
found out today from Jason.
I discovered that my 20V had the 3 pin MFTS. So it had been changed at
some time. So it was a treat to install the 4 pin VDO switch. It seems
like the air conditioning is working much better now. It is very very
cold and fast. I haven't driven it yet as I want to add some more Audi
blue coolant. I put a gallon of 50/50 mixture in but need a little more.
The dealer is 2 miles away so I will top it off in the morning.
The VDO switch takes a 29 MM wrench, I had to use a 30 MM which worked.
I cut a hole in the bottom of the rubber boot.
I learned that you want to put the rubber holders into the 4 holes on
the metal plate first that hold the aux. water pump first and then bolt
it down.
I cant figure out the purpose for the metal rod that holds 2 hydraulic
hoses as the hoses are stiff and don't move or fall down. That rod had
to removed to get at everything properly. That was the very last thing I
put back.
What is the best lubricant to use to get hoses on with? I hate to admit
it but I used a little 100% Vaseline to get a few of the hoses on.  I
even considered using some Mobil1synthetic grease. Did I commit the
unforgivable sin?

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