[urq] Help: 200 20V cut-out

Ingo D. Rautenberg ingo at waratap.com
Thu Sep 19 16:59:40 EDT 2002


If it stalls after a good run, I would first suspect the bypass valve (usual
culprit $25-$30 in the USofA).  Always a good idea to look for cracks/tears
in hoses.  Along that line, check the line from the back of the RR IM to the
bypass valve to make sure it doesn't have any cracks.  I believe the RR is
quite similar to the 3B motor.  I'm also copying in the 200q20v list.

Ferry Stolp writes,

"I need the help of you guys.
A good friend just bought an '89 200 tq 20V, euro-model with the
RR-engine (yup, it made me drool!).

Car stalls at random rpm's, mostly about 4000. It will restart right away
perfectly and runs very smoothly.
He read the codes but they where all clean, no faults.
The car was resting for about a year but fired right away after installing a
fresh battery. He also did an oil change.

My first thought was the famous-UrQ-temp.sensor but I doubt this is
causing the problem because the engine completely stalls and doesn't just
hold back at 4000rpm like the UrQ. Or am I mistaken?

Any thoughts? Things to look for?"

As to the radio code procedure, I will shamelessly take this from today's v8

"My book describes the following procedure:  Turn Radio on...display should
read SAFE.  Press FM 1 and AM buttons simultaneously and hold until "1000"
displayed.  Release the buttons. Use the station pre-set buttons to enter
code, beginning with button 1, (which will only let you enter a zero or a
one), button 2 in sequence to enter code number.  Once the proper code is
entered then push the FM 1 and AM  buttons simultaneously and hold until
"SAFE" appears in display, then release.  A frequency number should display
soon.  If an incorrect code is entered the radio should give you a second
attempt.  If the wrong code is entered on the second try it will lock up for
one hour +/- then will let you start over.  Leave the radio in the on
for this period.  Audi will sell you a book for $5.00 plus shipping.   See
www.audi.ddsltd.com[1] for order info and prices..  same place to get the
service manual on CD.

--- William Cline"



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