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Thu Sep 19 23:59:45 EDT 2002

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In my opinion (from experience) the shifter would feel loose from worn out
bushings but if it seems like it's harder to go into gears you might want to
check your slave cylinder or maybe even the clutch. The only bushings in there
are on both sides between the upper shift linkage and the shift lever. If
those wear out than the shifter will feel loose. There is also a rubber piece
more towards the bottom in front of the emergency brake for the lower shift
linkage but that doesn't really wear out. I don't know if the dealer would
just sell the bushings alone but you don't need to get under the car for

Dan C. Bozga

Has anybody gone throught the above? If so, wondering how tough it is, and
where one needs to access the parts from. Can it be done from the top
through the shift boot, or do you have to go under and get down and dirty?
Parts price? What's it take to then realign the linkage?
Car still gets into all of the gears, just takes a little more effort than I
remember; I'm guessing this is from some loss of precision from worn
bushings. Shifting feels like the car is fighting itself a bit.
Any input?
derek p

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