Shift linkage refurbishment

Gene Caldwell gene.ghc at
Thu Sep 19 14:44:30 EDT 2002

Derek Pulvino wrote:

> Howdy,
> Has anybody gone throught the above?  If so, wondering how tough it
> is, and
> where one needs to access the parts from.  Can it be done from the top
> through the shift boot, or do you have to go under and get down and
> dirty?
> Parts price?  What's it take to then realign the linkage?
> Car still gets into all of the gears, just takes a little more effort
> than I
> remember; I'm guessing this is from some loss of precision from worn
> bushings.  Shifting feels like the car is fighting itself a bit.
> Any input?
> Thanks,
> derek p

There is a rubber liner to the boot which can, over time, give in to
gravity and sag down into the workings of the shifter.  Mine had done
this and there was a lot of ground up rubber gumming up the works.
 After trimming back the rubber with a razor (as a test) and a partial
cleaning of the shifter workings (all from inside the car) the shifting
has improved some.

I also had hard shifting before getting a decent bleed on the clutch


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