Shift linkage refurbishment

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Fri Sep 20 11:52:39 EDT 2002

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From: "Ingo D. Rautenberg" <ingo at>

> As mentioned before, I have the same symptom as Phil, except that in my
> Blue 200q20v sedan (is it the color?) it is only in the forward-throw
> gears -- I imagine 1,3 & 5; but honestly, I don't keep her in 1st long
> enough to tell.
> I, too, can eliminate the noise by pulling up on the shift knob. This is
> the throwout bearing (BTDT).
> My shifter is also on the sloppy side.
> -Ingo

This sounds like it could be the rear tranny mounts.If the shift lever moves
a lot front to back when lifting/applying throttle, I would check them out.

mike miller
helmville mt

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