brakes or lack thereof

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Fri Sep 20 12:52:19 EDT 2002

Oops, a little investigation in the daylight revealed that my brake fluid is
indeed low and stepping on the pedal with the car not running produced a
loud hiss - looks like a major leak on the drivers side front brake - not
sure yet if it is the caliper or the brake hose ( original ) but I would bet
on the hose.

I had just checked the fluid levels and done a bomb test yesterday
afternoon - got 51 pumps before the pedal went hard. Wonder of that was
enough to split the brake hose.

Thanks for the reply.

mike miller
helmville mt

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> Brake pedal going to the floor and fluid level being unaffected means a
> master cylinder, I believe.
> There's no real connection between the brake MC and the power steering
> system except for the power steering pump also supplying "power" for the
> brake booster to which the brake MC is mounted.  Is it possible that the
> brake MC not providing sufficient resistance to the brake booster makes it
> work harder???  And that working harder "robs" some power from the power
> steering system???  I'd think the brake accumulator, or "bomb", that's
> supposed to store hydraulic pressure for operating the brake booster would
> "cushion" the brake powering system enough to keep it from debilitating
> steering power.
> Have you checked the "bomb" performance?  Turn off engine and count the
> number of pumps before the brake pedal gets hard?  A good bomb allows near
> 30 pumps.
> At 10:55 AM 09/20/2002 -0600, Mike Miller wrote:
> >Last few days my steering has been a little stiffer than usual,
> >at low speed/rpms - like when parking. Last night, I applied the brakes
> >  newer UFO's) and the car slowed, then the pedal slowly went to the
> >It seems like the brakes work initially, then just total fade. Are these
> >issues related? Fluid levels are good.
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> >mike miller
> >helmville mt
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