Shift linkage refurbishment

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Fri Sep 20 16:15:38 EDT 2002


Not sure in your situation, maybe tranny internals? shift forks?  Never
pulled a tranny apart.

It's conceivable that the linkage could effect the workings of the tranny,
and pulling up on the shifter is moving things around in there, but that
would be dependant on the leverage points in the shift linkage.

Maybe the linkage is serving as sound conduit into the car, and by pulling
the shifter up you are eliminating a contact point between the car and the
shift linkage, that then stops the sound from being transmitted to, and
magnified by the auto chassis!  Admittedly though, I'm just pulling at

As to refurbishment, begs the question, what is "furbishment?"  Well,
curious as ever, looking both up in the dictionary you find they both have
the same definition.  More or less they both say "to clean or brighten by
rubbing."  Appears that "refurbishment" is a bit redundant.

Back to your regularly scheduled programing...

Derek P

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Ah, "refurbishment" is such a nice word. What's that saying?  "If it
ain't broke, it probably needs refurbishment."

Shifter issues have been on my mind, too. For the past 2 yrs, my
older car (Lago, 135K miles) has had a very slight (but annoying)
grinding noise from "down below"-- driveline, gear, bearing(?) The
noise occurs in any gear and is heard _only_ when coasting
off-throttle with the clutch out. However I've discovered that this
noise vanishes if the shifter is pulled gently upward with a slight,
negligible movement--perhaps 1/16". Altogether, the shifter on this
car can be pulled upward by as much as 1/8-3/16", whereas my "newer"
car (38K miles) has almost no perceptible up/down "play" in its
shifter (and no driveline noise, either).

So I'm wondering if the driveline noise is somehow induced by a
misaligned shift mechanism that requires, um,  refurbishment. Any
thoughts?  Despite study of Bentley/ETKA diagrams I don't have a
clear idea as to how the shift-linkage works. Oh, BTW, gear-shifting
is certainly not any better than it was 40K ago, but it doesn't seem
a lot worse, either.


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