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Fri Sep 20 13:19:43 EDT 2002

Quattro mats for my '91 were no longer available from local dealership here
in Twin Cities (they said).  So I ordered the Lloyd's mats through
Blau(fernugen).  I received nothing like what I expected and what is
pictured and described in the Blau catalog and their website.  They wer a
much lighter grade of material, no logo and no post-holes.  No they are not

 The following is my complaint to Blau(fernugen) to which I received no
response whatsoever:....
A note to let you folks know that your customers who are ordering and
receiving Lloyd's Audi Quattro floor mats expecting them to be as
advertised are being ripped off!

I would encourage you to discontinue supplying them as part of your website
and catalog.  The literature is completely misleading.  The merchandise I
received is not as pictured with the 'quattro' lettering nor with the
post-holes.  The mats I received could be obtained at any auto parts or
discount store for a fourth of the $109.00 cost when ordered through your

I consider this a consumer fraud issue!

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