Shift linkage refurbishment

Gene Caldwell gene.ghc at
Fri Sep 20 14:22:36 EDT 2002

Derek Pulvino wrote:

> Gene,
> So clean out the mechanism in liue of bushing replacement if the rubber
> liner is sagging?  The liner is associated with the inside of the leather
> boot then?  As to bushings, I guess the parts are more durable than
> the VW
> equivalent?  Has anybody had issue with those?
> I'll check the first condition, then if it's time to bleed the slave
> cylinder, I guess I'll also look at doing the brakes simultaneously.
> Derek P

I always try the cheapest and easiest thing first.  The rubber liner is
associated with the boot (comes out with it as an assembly) but I think
it can be purchased separately.  Well, at least I thought Pete Kunzler
had done that.

I didn't notice that any of the bushings were loose at all.  Everything
feels pretty snug.  But then I have recently had subframe bushings and
transmission mounts replaced when putting in the new transmission, so
that may help.

If you have a pressure bleeder it is fairly easy to do the clutch, or
the brakes for that matter.


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