Need Transmission

Peer Oliver Schmidt pos at
Sat Sep 21 14:30:00 EDT 2002

>my transmission bit the dust this week.
>So, I am in search of a replacement.

I told you guys one or two years ago, get one of the transmissions, put them in the
shades and wait.

>I tried mailing the "German Connection":Robert
>Braunschweig, but have not heard back from him. Does he still have
>a supply of these?

He does not. The guy who supplied the transmissions to Robert no longer has them.
Luckily, my replacement transmission is still sitting in its place. And waiting for
the transmission in the car to break. I guess it's like always, if you have a
replacement, the original just doesn't break.

Good luck in finding a replacement, or someone to fix your transmission.


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