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Brett Dikeman brett at
Sat Sep 21 13:16:12 EDT 2002

At 10:18 AM -0700 9/20/02, Kevin Kerr wrote:
>After many years of faithfull service, my transmission bit the dust this week.
>It is making a good imitation of bolts in a blender :(
>So, I am in search of a replacement.
>I tried mailing the "German Connection":Robert
>Braunschweig, but have not heard back from him. Does he still have
>a supply of these?
>Anyone know where I can get a used or re-manufactured one?

I have bad news- they're not available from Audi remanufactured,
which is really odd, because the V8 5 speed(only 50 such cars in the
US) -is-(or at least, it was, up until recently.)

Now, like most people, I don't have a spare transmission 'in the
shade' and I don't feel the need to say "haha, too bad, good luck!",
so here's a little more helpful information than the last post...

   There are nasty rumors going around that the S4 twin turbo(99-02)
transmission can be made to fit.  Charlie Smith is practically the
authority on specifications for Audi 20v trannies, and here's what he
said to me when I joked "somehow I don't think the S4tt tranny bolts

"I think you could come close.  The input shaft splines are
different,  so you would have to figure out the right clutch / clutch
disk combination  to fit.  I'm pretty sure it can be done.  I didn't
mention the 200q20v both due to not having access to one, and just
not researching ETKA.
People have converted the 90Q coupe to S2 specs, including the swap
of the 016 gearbox (or 01A, 012, or whatever it was) to a 01E

Assuming you get it to fit, there's only one remaining problem- the
S4tt transmission, back in '99 new, DEALER cost, was roughly $12k.
Ouch.  Used, especially now that a number of S4's have met
unfortunate ends with various stationary objects thanks to the low
maturity level of your average S4 owner :-), they should be cheaper,
but still pretty pricey I would guess.

Charlie's webpage is here:

...and his email is charlie at  I'd suggest dropping
him a line.  He's probably one of the best people to ask about what
your options are.

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safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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