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 I wasn't really planning on telling Da Blonde (who is now a yellow belt in
taekwondo and just left the house for kickboxing). However, Milka Duno is in
my opinion a great roll model for my daughter so there's that angle.
 Speaking of my quattro spokes model, we just got her 91 200q back from the
shop. It runs great, the turbogas struts have really firmed it up as did the
new control arm bushings. We had a lot of things fixed on it so it's good to
go for a while. Now I'm thinking about an upgraded ECU!
 Also, my blonde and beautiful wife and our daughter graduate from Barbizon
school of modeling tomorrow. Large waste of money if you ask me but she did
say yesterday she is finally ready to update her quattro page.

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>  This is quite an impressive racecar driver for only 5 years experience.
>also happens to be kind of hot.

YOU'RE looking at car babes?  Da blonde will get you for that.

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