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Mon Sep 23 02:19:34 EDT 2002

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There was a polished stripe around the flange shaft. As far as I can
tell (without a caliper), there was no wear. After talking to a mechanic
buddy, he says they put them in dry and apply some rtv after just to be
safe. Also, be very sure to make it go in straight. He says that
lubricant can let it slip more easily and get crooked. Bet that is what
was killing me. We'll I'm getting a new seal to give it a try.


PS. check out that is where the free advice came from!

Bernie Benz wrote:

>Was the shaft scored at the point of the old seal contact?  Where axially,
>was the old seal relative to where you put the new one?  Did you first try a
>1/2 can of engine seal restorer in the tranny?  An almost certain fix, worth
>$2. and 10 min of your time.
>>From: DAK <dak at>
>>Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 15:32:39 -0400
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>>Subject: final drive seal replacement
>>Help, I've screwed something up! I'm replacing the final drive seals on
>>the transmission. I did the passenger side yesterday, no leaks visible.
>>I did the driver's side today, leaks! Is there something special about
>>this side? Do I need more than gear lube when putting it in? I got it
>>pressed in, past the chamfer, then proceeded to drive it home. It did
>>get a little off, but I got it straight again. Should it go all the way
>>into that shoulder? Does the passenger side differ from the driver's
>>side? I know the seals are the same, but do the go in different amounts?
>>I had another seal (that was supposed to go in the rear) and tried that
>>one. I tried to be very careful about keeping it straight. That leaked
>>also! It is possible that I didn't get enough lubrication on the seal
>>before installing it?
>>I'd done passenger side seals before, once on the 5KTQ and once 4 years
>>ago on this car. While I could have messed it up, I find it hard to
>>believe that I could install these others right the first time, then
>>mess this one up twice in a row!
>>Any ideas?
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