pump to rack hose removal

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Sep 23 08:49:14 EDT 2002

I got mine loose with a couple long extensions and a swivel, reaching
through from the passenger side wheelwell.   Having a partner guide the
socket onto the bolt head is a great help, but it CAN be done alone by
first placing the extensions/socket without the ratchet and letting that
assembly lie atop the steering arm while you slip the socket into place and
then carefully adding the ratchet.  Actually, in the 200q20v, I was able to
operate the wrench from the engine compartment next to the turbo.   I think
it was on the 5ktq I had to wrench from the wheelwell.  Either way, to do
the 200q20v hose, I needed to unfasten the fuel lines from their firewall
anchor and bend some brake lines slightly in order to get my stubby arm
into the space where the bolt goes.  A helper was even more valuable for
reinstallation of the bolt.

At 01:16 AM 09/23/2002 -0400, DAK wrote:

>OK, I've stared at it and tried various paths for my hand/arm. How does
>one get that hose un-bolted from the steering rack? I've only replaced
>the rack or the pump (in the 5KTQ), never just the hose. Seems like if I
>stick my arm through the driver's side wheel well, I can touch the hose
>near the rack. I just can't see what the heck I'm doing! When I did the
>rack, I was able to get through the passenger side wheel well to loosen
>these hoses. I think that was once the rack was loose and pulled away
>from the firewall. How does one do this in-situ? I'd like to take the
>hose to some hydraulic shops in the area.
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