pump to rack hose removal

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Mon Sep 23 09:48:12 EDT 2002

Remove the hydraulic fluid resevoir from it's mounts, move to the side.  That
should give you enough room to put the hoses on in situ (that's the way I do
ALL type 44's save the v8).  A short 19 socket to crack em, a short 19 box to
remove (those gear wrenches work well here).  The install is trickier, since
both your hand and the fitting is a tight squeeze.

WRT hydraulic shop hose R&R:  WARNING:  Make sure that the fittings are
oriented to each other EXACTLY as they are on the old hose.  Not doing this
will make this job a total B*tch, if not downright impossible.  Customer
BTDT, became my problem temporarily :).


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning

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