pump to rack hose removal

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The "restrictor" is not a simple piece that can be spliced in.  It is a
tuned hydraulic resonant circuit, comprised of a small diameter plastic
fluid exit tube on the pump discharge fitting which extends thru the
restrictor and 3/4 of the length of the hose.  The annular area between the
two hoses is captured air, the compressable fluid in the Helmhertz


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> At 3:54 PM +0100 9/23/02, DAK wrote:
>> PS. I'll post my experiences getting the hose made. Was there some
>> damper or restrictor that I need to retain?
> Yes, you need to retain the restrictor or else there will be some extra
> noise from the pump operation. Alignment of the fittings is critical. Of
> course fittings must not leak. Three good reasons for thinking twice about
> going the rebuilding route. Of course an added benefit of the oem hose is
> (or can be, with advance planning) that it can be installed as soon as the
> old hose is removed.
> IIRC, I didn't drain the hydr. reservoir, but I believe I  clamped off the
> lower hose and disconnected it below the clamp. I tried to follow Kneale's
> recommended procedure (accessing through the passenger wheel well), but
> couldn't find the magic angle. That certainly could eliminate a lot of the
> "pain" in this job--compared to reaching the b-bolt from above.
> Phil
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