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Mon Sep 23 19:10:15 EDT 2002

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Wondering if anyone has any BTDT in terms of power upgrades they would be
willing to share.  My car started out completely stock, K24, and a "Stage 3+"

  According to G-Tech, this setup was delivering a very consistent 196-205
hp.  0-60's were in the 6.8 range, and quarter mile was 15.8

  Since then I have changed over to an RS2 EM, and an RS2 hybrid turbo unit I
got from IA, chip is the same.  Power tests now yield a consistent 231-239,
0-60 is now right at 6.0, and quarter mile comes in at 14.6

Testing was done on the exact same stretch of road, run in both directions,
and the second power tests were on a day 2 degrees warmer.  Tests were near
Denver, altitude around 5500 feet.

So my questions... does this seem like a reasonable improvement?  What might
I do next?  Do some of the RS2 parts pay off better than others?  Cam
first... injectors, MAF, should I mess with the exhaust, maybe remove that
huge resonator... any suggestions?

I've got to say, with the recent addition of these parts, as well as Brembos
and A8 rotors, this car is getting pretty interesting.  Handling seems pretty
so-so, but I love the way it goes and stops.

Thanks for any help/advice,

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