H&R V8s on 200 20V Avant?

Linus Toy linust at mindspring.com
Mon Sep 23 17:46:04 EDT 2002

At 03:47 PM 9/23/2002 , Martin, Gary G wrote:
>Subject line says it all. I'm still on the fence. Should I put H&R V8
>springs on my 200 Avant? I've got Bilstein HD's on it, but really want to
>lessen the lean and dive/wheelie characteristics (ie, improve handling) of
>this beast.  Any BTDT's to push me off the fence.

Yes, BTDoingT right now, and have been for the last four years...

Impressions:  This thing is stiff, ...the wife does not like it...but then
her comparison rides have been a '89 Accord, '94 Volvo, or '92 Audi 100s
(fwd)--that last one of which is great if  what you want is a plush freeway

Based on what you say you're looking for, what I have is what you
want...reduced dive, lean, firmer ride.  With these springs and Bilstein
HDs, front struts could use a touch softer compression damping while the
rears could use slightly more rebound damping.  Ride height drops about
5/8" all around--a good thing IMO, as you don't want much more than this.

If you do this, two more thngs:
*  I strongly suggest you use 16" or 17" wheels/tires.  When I first did
this, I still had the stock 15" rims, and the result was to overpower the
tall sidewalls (which become the initial spring for the car).  Fixed this a
few months after the spring change with 17"--what a difference.  I now run
either 225/50-16 on urS4 16x8 rims or 235/45-17 on BBS RX 17x8 rims.
*  replace your suspension bushings--stiffer springs greatly accelerate the
wear & deterioration of these rubber bits.
This combo--wheels/tires, new bushings, springs & shocks--will give you a
nice, tossable (as much as 3700# can be) car.

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